Property Search Support

Many people who holiday in North Cyprus are very taken by the way of life, the availability of property at reasonable prices, and would like to try and find a property of their own. This takes time both during their holiday and in particular if they pursue this exercise from the UK or elsewhere If the search is left until their next visit, opportunities are lost.

In addition, if the search is left to estate agents, only certain properties are put forward. As there are so many established and new estate agents it is rare that the potential of finding the right property is ever fully explored.

The Medina team, and their many consultants and associates, have a lot of experience and a wide range of contacts to search out the properties that may be of interest to a potential buyer.

As much time is spent in villages managing properties and dealing with local contacts, new properties for sale and many that do not appear on estate agent’s lists do come to light. This means that quite often a better arrangement can be made, which is less competitive, to satisfy a potential buyer.

In addition the Medina team have a number of Board and close paid associates of the company, who have experience of the legal systems and the pitfalls, who can help ensure that safe procedures are followed that do not end up in the exploitation of the buyer. The reputation of Medina is at stake, and so considerable trouble will be taken in providing this service.

The pricing of such support is difficult to quantify, but it will be based on the numbers of hours spent actively searching and negotiating, and writing specific detailed letters or e-mails. A great deal of the time will not be charged, as the Medina team will be meeting estate agents on a daily basis, and seeing potential properties in passing anyway.

Although new laws are being explored by the Government at present to try and control some of the buying of property by foreigners, this will take time, and we are told that in the event there will be some safeguards that help the buyer and the country as a whole. As with 125 year leases in the UK it is likely that they will be extendable, depending on circumstances.

Please note that Medina Estates is a new company created under the new rules for Estate Agents in Cyprus. We advertise in Cyprus already and shortly the web site will also be up and running.