Post Design Building Progress Inspections, and Snagging

A number of customers have asked Medina to visit building sites and report on progress of building, and help authorise adjustments in concert with the builders and lawyers if appropriate. As Medina does have in house project managers with M&E qualifications and experience, and associates happy to help, we are able to support customers. We also have access to local authority building inspectors, and can get both advice, and put a stop on building if the matter becomes contentious!

post001Medina have also been asked to help Estate Agents and owners by auditing completed buildings to ensure that everything works, and remove cement and paint from floors for example. This is called snagging! This comes about largely because many construction companies at present have a number of ongoing builds, many are cutting completion fine, and they move on to the next site before spending time cleaning up, or they leave laborers without supervision. In addition it is obvious now that the standard of finish is not to European or UK standards, and the mess that is left is a norm in some builders living conditions. In addition, anything the eye does not initially see does not seem to matter! We have found the following typical trends and problems:

  • Paint and cement on floors and plain woodwork
  • Paint taken off marble and other sealed floors is scraped off leaving obvious marks
  • Draws in units splashed with the unit external varnish or paint
  • Window panes with paint on and very dirty
  • Doors and shutters without clips to hold them open
  • Doors and shutters that soon become stuck in the wet
  • Plugs in walls that are either not straight, or fall out
    when a plug is removed
  • Hooks that soon pull out of wooden units or walls
  • Water marks soon appearing through walls as they are inadequately if ever sealed
  • Badly fitted air conditioning units, working, but noisy
  • Leaking swimming pools
  • Rubbish left on site