Pre Sale ‘Makeovers’

makeover001This service has been added at the request of some homeowners with a sale in mind. Many properties in North Cyprus are put on the market as they are when the owner decides, and it seems little thought has been given to the view which may be taken by a prospective buyer. It is also likely that the owner has not been able to get to Cyprus for some time. An external eye cast over the property can highlight minor rectifiable points which may put off buyers, or additional touches which will appeal to potential buyers.

Many changes can be just positioning, or the addition of plants, or minor repairs, that can all help to sell the property. Most can be done at very little cost, with our maintenance and design team members casting an imakeover002nitial eye over the property, and coming up wmakeover003ith suggestions. This assessment is free, but would have to be charged if any changes or improvements are made by the team.

It is also possible that a clear up and watering of the garden will help, and we can arrange for this to happen until viewing ceases due to a sale.