Interior Design and Garden Service (Cyprus and UK Based)

Medina can arrange improvements to properties with an experienced team, including qualified interior and garden designers, and even a Feng Shui expert, as well as access to surveyors and architects.

Owners may wish to change the layout of rooms, put in new kitchens or bathrooms, build extensions, add swimming pools, or just discuss. Proposals can be costed and put to owners, as well as managed. Each project is overseen by a company project manager, reporting to the MD and Director Interior Design. The workforce will often be from frequently used companies and artisans with whom we have agreements, as this is often less expensive.

The service includes the selection and purchasing of furniture and furnishings, while in constant contact with the owner. Medina have arrangements and contracts with many suppliers, and can often arrange purchases at a discount. Several companies are used who provide packages at good prices and varying quality, which we help customers match to their needs, e.g. home only, lots of rentals in the summer, whether to be used in winter etc.

Garden Design and Maintenance

Both the interior designer and a manager have garden design experience, and access to several companies and individuals with whom we have agreements. Medina have a number garden004of gardeners and labourers, who can maintain gardens and manage a complete seasonal clean up.

Several companies have been used by Medina either from the start of a garden, or on taking on a property with a garden in place and therefore a maintenance contract. Our experience of who is any good, or can be trusted, is extensive. Ensuring the constant maintenance is the most difficult, otherwise they will only do it just before owners come out, and will often make a mess and ruin plants in the rush to do it at the last minute. We have found British retired ‘gardeners’ to be the most reliable.