Car Services and Transport

Medina have arrangements with several car rental companies from Lapta to Girne, in order that a range of cars can be accessed. Cars can be collected from the airport and left there at the end of the hire period. Car ranges and prices are available from Medina, although a summary of the types and periods of rental will be appended to this web page shortly.

Property owners or holidaymakers booking through Medina will be able to have cars at a discount through us, although some frequent visitors may find that at some car hire companies they may be able to negotiate/bargain for a cheaper rental. What we offer is often more convenient, as we are on the spot and can find the right type of car, and we then check before arrival that the rental is not forgotten, which has happened.

The Transport service includes arrangements for collection from and delivery to the airport by taxi or car if preferred, and the provision of vans or trucks, normally with a driver. Taxi services are now available right through to and from Larnaca, and Paphos.