Building Maintenance and Improvement

Unoccupied and occupied properties do occasionally need repairs, be it from storm or occupier damage. Medina provides a team that will carry out repairs on the spot during regular visits as part of the contract. However should the repair take longer than about 40 minutes, experienced artisans will be brought in subject to the contract, or after reference to the owner. See the Property Management pages for connected information.

Typical examples are leaking taps, jammed cisterns, broken roof tiles, broken shutters, and failed electrical appliances, often affected by electrical surges.

Few owners seem to be aware of the amount of damage that can occur. For example in the winter there is torrential rain that can dislodge tiles and guttering, can wash away walls and gardens, can block drains quickly and cause severe flooding and damage in particular to stored items in garages; there are also high winds (in summer too) that dislodge items, open shutters which then swing and break off, break tree branches that bring down wires or break structures. As most wood used on buildings in Cyprus is new and the quality of work often superficial, and there is such a weather change from a short very wet winter and then a hot summer, most windows, shutters, and even doors and structures warp or sag. They therefore easily open and bang, often jam shut, often crack and sag so do not open and shut properly.

In addition water damage can often occur from jamming ball cocks in water tanks (what is wrong with local products?) which then overflow, and cisterns, which cease working just as friends or holidaymakers arrive. Sometimes gardens ‘sag’, and water pipes are broken.

There is also seasonal work like repainting, repair to marble floors and tiling in particular outside (e.g. grout missing), and cutting of foliage. Clearly seasonal work like this needs to be paid for separately, and can be quoted for when the property is inspected. The Medina team includes at least five personnel of every trade, and their and other work is inspected by a manager. Larger associated companies are available if necessary.

Some owners may wish to change the layout of rooms, put in new kitchens and bathrooms, build extensions, add swimming pools, or plan and then make changes. Such work can be undertaken, and further detail is included on the Interior and Garden Design web page.