Property Management Services

A new company formed in early 2004, made up of British, Turkish, Cypriot, German, Dutch and other nationals, with varied skills, some already experienced in N Cyprus, to provide an efficient integrated service relating to the management of owners properties, letting services if required, maintenance services and renovation, interior and garden design services, pre-sale 'makeovers' and 'snagging', building progress checks, a products trading arm, car rental and transport services, business and office support (including marketing services) to those working away from home, expatriate services, and property search support.

As a result of our establishment and obvious skills and integrity, Medina has had to add to its original portfolio, with more long term letting, clearing up and cleaning after construction work has ceased and builders have moved on to more lucrative work (snagging), building progress checks for absent owners, and even running checks on companies and building standards. There is more on these areas in the newer web page paragraphs.

As the company is run by and has a number of ex servicemen from several nationalities with property and building experience, and Cyprus service, Medina seems to have found favour as customers have stated and seen that they are unlikely to be let down, and that issues will be pursued relentlessly to conclusion. Local companies who deal with us respect us for the same reasons.

The company is based in Lapta, North Cyprus, covering largely the areas of Lapta, Alsancak, Karsiyaka, Inescu Edremit, Karaman, Girne, Ozankoy, and Catalkoy: roughly up to 20 miles from Lapta. The areas are growing as more people are being taken on to manage, and another office hss been opened in Girne, at 72 Semih Cancar Caddesi, near the turning to Bellapais from Girne. Other locations are by arrangement. There is also a UK office largely for letting and banking services. (an attachment of average rental prices is being updated).

The Property Management Package includes:

  • Weekly logged checks
  • Regular testing of plumbing and key electrical appliances
  • Garden maintenance oversight if garden contract let to other company
  • Pool maintenance check if pool contract let to other company